Ongepubliceerde haiku.

Wim Lofvers was uitgever van het internationale haikutijdschrift "Woodpecker" waar Gusta ook regelmatig in publiceerde.
Hieronder vind u een reeks Engelstalige haiku, verzameld voor Wim Lofvers, gedateerd 10-3-2005 i.v.m. een nooit meer uitgevoerd plan voor een gezamenlijke uitgave.

Hide-and-seek moon;
the willow winks with
an owl's eye.

Moonless night;
the fridge lightens up,
a bowl of milk.

Today's moon;
an oar breaks it
in sparkling pieces.

She dims the stars
at the nightblue sky,
radiant moon.

Left behind
above the apple orchard
a slice of moon.

Over the hilltop
through the moon they run,

Silent house;
over the glass table
slides the wintermoon.

From down the valley
the templebell's sound;
deep autumn.

The polder's nightfall;
between duckweed
stars appear.

A last leaf
floats along the window;
a cat's ear moves.

Bird's songs;
silently the spring moon

Spring scent of the sea
flows through the house;
breeze-dried laundry.

Autumn leaf,
over the puddle
it carries the sky.

The warbler's song
got lost at dawn -
autumn wind.

Night of snow;
hoods growing heavy
on cabbage stalks.

The sutra reading
ended in coughs;
winter night.

Bare branches
come to life:
sparrows' swarm.

Two ducks
land on the watermirror
become one.

Carnival procession;
the chruchporches' saints
wear snow masks.

When dusk grows
the yellow crocuses
keep glowing.

Spring cleaning;
birds sweep the last snow
from budding branches.

Swelling buds;
from the blackbirds breasts
songs of rejoicing.

Cherry blossom tree
with bird voices
it sings.

April shower;
my flowered umbrella
revives too.

Of the garden path
only a few spots left:
magnolia petals.

Traffic light green;
getting on the bicycle:

The wood path
narrowed overnight;
spring rain.

The way of the sun
ended in a fogbank;
New-Year's eve.