Gusta stuurde regelmatig werk in naar de Engelstalige Japanse krant Mainichi Daily News voor de rubriek: “Haiku in English”. Ingezonden haiku doen automatisch mee aan de haiku competitie. Winnaars hiervan worden jaarlijks bekend gemaakt in februari.

Glancing from my book
suddenly I’m eye to eye
with a red rose

MDN, July 3, 1983

Summer passed by;
newspaper pages flapping
through an empty street.

MDN, September 4, 1983

New Year morning:
the grating sounds of a broom
over the pavement.

MDN, January 8, 1984

First spring sun;
out of scarves and collars
heads appear.

MDN, April 1, 1984
Eervolle vermelding “1984 Haiku in English Contest”

Water from the sea,
in the child’s bucket
it keeps stirring

MDN, July 15, 1984

Lingering summer
people walking slowly
greeting each other.

MDN, September 16, 1984

Between tombstones
eagerly gathering

MDN, October 6, 1985

New Year’s eve –
a tin rattles out of
the empty street

MDN, December 29, 1985

At the churchyard porch
a grave-digger in the spring sun
whistling softly

MDN, April 6, 1986

The last colour dims
in this year’s sky - lantarns
begin to glimmer

MDN, December 28, 1986

out of my quilt –
snow-covered world

MDN, March 1, 1987

Snatched away
this weekend’s shopping list:
spring wind

MDN, May 3, 1987

first autumn wind;
in billowing clothes
people blow past.

MDN, September 27, 1987

when it ended sun and moon
in one sky

MDN, June 5, 1988
Eervolle vermelding “1988 Haiku in English Contest”

Small hands and feet
wave from baby carriages;
flowery spring

MDN, June 18, 1989

Indian summer
the hot-air balloon
a long time to watch

MDN, October 22, 1990

The flower market too
loses its last color;
old-year’s night

MDN, January 19, 1991

The heat;
a butterfly’s shadow
falls in the ice tea.

MDN, September 21, 1991

The crops gathered in;
with berries from my garden
birds’bellies filled

MDN, December 7, 1991

From passing feet
soles stay behind,
spring snow

MDN, March 6, 1993

The antique doll’s
glass eyes’begin to sparkle
first sunrise

MDN, Februari 21, 1994
Eervolle vermelding “1993 Haiku in English Contest”