"Ko" is een Engelstalig Haiku Magazine, uitgegeven in Nagoya, Japan.
De titel betekent "ploegen" of "cultiveren".

1991, Autumn-Winter:

Funeral procession;
hailstones beating rolls
on umbrellas.

Winternight –
the puppetmaker moulds
a snowman.

1992, Spring-Summer:

At second glance
it was no longer there,
spring snow.

Springdusk –
only their perfume is there:

1992, Autumn-Winter:

At second glance
it was no longer there,
spring snow.

Award: Best English Haiku of 1992

1993, Spring-Summer:

Flower market,
the colours almost gone,
spring dusk.

1994, Spring-Summer:

Blackbird's song,
and it dawned –

Kites festival –
when it ended sun and moon
in one sky.

Cherryblossom clouds,
with bird voices

At the churchyard porch
a gravedigger in the spring sun
whisting softly

1994, Autumn-Winter:

Night of snow;
hoods grow thicker;
cabbage field.

1995, Autumn-Winter:

Hide-and-seek moon;
the willow winks with
an owl’s eye.

Over the hilltop
through the rising moon they run,

1996, Spring-Summer:

From the market
the last melon sold – the moon
begins its round.

About to cut
the hill’s grasses

1997, Spring-Summer:

Of the gardenpath
only a few spots left:
magnolia petals.

when a cloud lifts
they get luminous.

After cherry view
from my jeans’hem
petals spill.

Small hands and feet
wave from baby-carriages;
flowery spring.

Evening twilight –
along the motorway, elder blossoms
spread their umbels.

1997, Autumn-Winter:

To the willow
he lends his eyes tonight –

Today’s moon –
the oar breaks it
in sparkling fragments.

First autumn wind;
in billowing clothes
people blow past.

1998, Spring-Summer:

A plump red sun
rolls in cumulus-clouds’
baby's bedtime.

2004, Autumn-Winter:

Left behind
above the apple orchard
a slice of moon.

The polder’s nightfall;
between duckweed
stars appear.

A last leaf
floats along the window;
a cat’s ear moves.

Autumn leaf,
over the puddle
it carries the sky.

Vol. 21, No. 4, Autumn-Winter 2006:

Those muddy shoes
kicking through fallen leaves
are mine.

Chimney smoke
crinkles to the misty moon –
scent of morning tea.

New Year’s Eve;
the darkbrown crack in
my favorite cup.

Silent house:
over the glass table
slides the winter moon.